Reflecting on the Ups and Downs of Ramadan 2016


This is my first Ramadan I attempted to fast after a gap of a few years of not doing it.

I am not the most religious person you’ll meet, I identify more with the word “spiritual.” Ramadan, for me, has been a time to strengthen that spiritual connection not only with God but myself.

I became aware of the importance of human connection, vulnerability and expressing emotion to others no matter what.

Being raised in a culture where emotional expression is shunned  and having faced some life experiences which built a wall within myself from myself; I found myself internally silenced.

I became submissive, without an opinion of my own, unhappy, guarded and unable to express myself verbally.

I realized during this month how important it is to just say what I need to say, without second-guessing those emotional outbursts as long as they come from a place of love.

This month I’ve reconnected, and made amends with those who support my journey, and released those who did not with love. I hope to continue to build on many of these lessons. I hope your Ramadan was one of personal growth, gratitude, and nurturing relationships as well. I look forward to my next Ramadan.

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